"I likE plAYing wiTH scAlE And complicATing THE pHYsics oF THings. WHEn I wAs liTTlE I usEd To HAvE THEsE EArTH sHATTEring nigHTmArEs AbouT A world wHErE THErE wAs no wAY To prEdicT dEnsiTY. THErE would bE blocks Around mE: somE Enormous, THE sizE oF buildings, ligHT As A FEATHEr, oTHErs THE sizE oF A loAF oF brEAd buT impossiblY HEAvY, immovAblE."


THe HisTorY oF nATUre is AbouT somETHing Enormous

or mAjesTic

sHAdes And scAles oF gEnEs And lAnguAgEs And mATHs And

THe insTincT To AcquirE

THe insTincT To EngAgE

Using nATure, All THe complicATed undersTAndings oF iT,

As opposed To gAwking AT The memes oF exisTing in pHYsicAl spAce.

I wAnI To be A giAnT And wAlk All over THe grAnd cAnYon.

To Feel dwArFed bY A lAndscApe is comForTAble

To Feel Humbled bY A lAndscApe is comForTAble


An ATTempT To scAle THAT enormiTY

THe mAjesTY oF someTHing so complex

Around THe world THe sound oF THis AlliAnce oF sTewArds creATes THe environmenT

using nATure As A pAlATe And A cAnvAs At once

conTinuing To culTivATe mAjesTY

with sounds And mATeriAls, inTerweAving sTories AbouT THemselves And eAcH oTHer



THe globAl ecopHonY 




Our EArs HAve Been To WHere Our EYes HAve Never SeeN And Your HeArTs Are Sure To Follow. WHen THe people oF THe globe Are exTrAcTed From THe meAning oF nATure we limiT EcologicAl soluTions To A virgin wilderness.

UnsHAckle- THe boundAries oF nATure.

LisTen- To THe sTewArds oF THe eArTH.

Free- THE lAnd.

unshackel the boundries of nature

The format of this realease is patch + USB stick